Greetings Poetizer Friends!

I have not been around much (sorry) because I have been homeschooling my daughter. I found that she is disturbingly behind her grade level, and have shifted gears to that 100%.

She is making progress swiftly, because we have essentially all the time in the world. However, after this catch-up cycle, she still has a lot of assigned work to complete.

That being said, I do plan on catching up with my notifications! I purchased a few new poetry books which are arriving in the mail any day now, that I look forward to enjoying and dissecting equally!

Thankfully, no one in my house has become sick with Covid19, even though my husband is still working. However, my aunt who played a major role in raising me during my years in foster care did get infected. She is a nurse, so exposure wasn’t a total surprise, but that weighs on me.

To everyone I have been trying to keep in touch with, please don’t give up on me! Because I promise I am not ignoring anyone on purpose. And feel free to send me a message or invite me to a video whenever if those avenues are already open. I am busy, I am worried, but I do want to stay in touch. I’ve been getting overwhelmed and I appreciate you, please understand it’s not personal. I have been getting wrapped up in the new dilemmas and responsibilities on the forefront of my mind, and writing/socializing is on the back burner. But I don’t want it to fade out.

Well, that’s enough blathering on. I wish you all well, and I hope you’re all safe. – six ❤

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