*one night interlude







If not for memory

what should I stake my life upon

forget the star marbled sky,

closes cerulean curtain

sunset’s rose incomparable

to your rosy blush…

One perfect night not enough

for life-time of poems

my bone; my soul,

my soup of marrow

I give it all to not forget,

a single moment sin regret

raining poetry remiss…

the hearth of a fire, 

the scent of a garden

the spring of grassy flat,

soft air of Spring, 

the way your hair

brushed my cheek…

lay downy fuzz of a neckline,

twinkle glimmer of a necklace

to rival the horizon, 

Jupiter and all his lightning 

pale by comparison to 

the sparkle of your dark eyes…

the delicate lace

of fingers locking,

hands clasped,

knees knocking,

delicate as a kiss…

one night together,

forever stolen,

poetry’s remiss.

-six pm  | {Inspired by The Three Musketeers page 123,

 {prompted by my friend, poet: zeke’s interlude 🌙

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