Weeding and Adding Clover to the Beds

To some of you following a gardener probably sounds as fun as watching the grass grow! However, fun is in the eye of the beholder, no? And to me I find it not only fun, but relaxing and rewarding to watch plants that I’ve tended evolve from seed, to seedling, to fully flowered plant.

In this video I’m not doing much (TikTok allows only a minute max), but weeding the huge garden we have in front by hand and getting the beds ready for my plant babies.

Taking care of a New Jersey garden is a lot of work, but this is especially true if you want to keep a garden organic, as we do.


  1. Great satisfaction in getting our hands into the soil. We are fortunate here in San Diego County (CA) to be able to grow plants/veggies all year round– although greens do best in the winter. Our summer heat can be pretty intense. Good luck with your prep work, Paige6.

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      1. Doing well. Just got back from a nice beach trip. Being vaccinated now, we are doing a few more things. My wife is a big gardener, so it is a lifelong passion. Take care.

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