*right on time

I’ve been enjoying watching my little ladies grow over the past month or so. Today I transferred my White Widows and my Diesel seedling into pots. The Diesel was getting very leggy beneath the grow light, and the White Widow’s first little baby leaves were turning yellow and about to be shed.

Unfortunately my Tangerine Dream didn’t germinate properly. It sprouted, but the little girl had no leaves. Since the company I purchased from has a guarantee that the seed will germinate, I’m hopeful that they’ll replace it.

Chuck bought me this awesome shirt for Mother’s Day. It arrived today, right on time.

Paige Six | May.11.2021


  1. Love the top!! Great to hear you’re having success with some. A brand new home for our plant babies is always refreshing. We’ll be repotting some gifted cacti soon. I love cacti for their ingenuity. They seem to be the only plants that survive in our house, besides the ginormous jalapeño plant our 7 year old has nurtured. Can’t wait for it to fruit!

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    1. Oh man! I have had a roller coaster with my succulents this winter! I moved and my plants are NOT liking it. But this is all part of the learning experience. I’m relieved that my cannabis seems to be doing well though. BIG RELIEF!


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