*on doing the no-no

Art by Lauren Kolesinskas

I’m obsessed with the 2019 limited Netflix series Un-Natural Selection. I don’t know how I missed this show. I’m not sure why whenever I am relying on Netflix to suggest things to me they throw so much crap my way, meanwhile fucking art like Un-Natural Selection or Midnight Gospel come to me late and through the grapevine!

If you haven’t watched Un-Natural Selection, it’s a variety of documentary style episodes following today’s pioneers in gene-editing techniques, artificial intelligence, and people suffering through genetic disorders or currently incurable diseases. The show presents a complex situation of humanity talking about the issues of gene editing, confronting ethical and technological challenges, and allows the viewer to form their own opinions. I love it, and immediately recommended it to my Grandma.

It reminds me of a Love and Radio episode I absolutely loved and have listened to times over: Doing the No No. The episode interviews Adam Zaretsky, a self-described bioartist, mad scientist, and pornographer!

Full Episode:

Paige Six | 5.1.2021


  1. Sounds right up my alley! And Netflix missed suggesting it to me too, despite all the other science documentaries I have saved on there. Their algorithms confuse me.

    I have an additional recommendation for you, Year Million on Disney+ is a fantastic thought provoker! Top notch digital graphics design and acting takes you through the changes society will undergo in the next few hundred years as technology continues to rapidly change.

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      1. Started watching Unnatural Selection and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I appreciate the balance of representation between positives and negatives and I’m blown away by how far the average individual can go. The world is changing again.

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