*Jump-starting Spring!

I couldn’t wait for Spring to spring. It’s a little cold up here in NJ but I’ve started my white widow inside with a grow light/window. I also repotted all of my house plants (many succulents, a peace lily, and a purple basil that will be planted outside).

Miracle grow is giving away many goodies this month, although I try not to use Miracle Grow it’s still a fun treat after what felt like a very loooong winter. I don’t know about you, but I get the blues something bad by the time February has rolled around. The house plants really help to get me through. I love to touch them and to get my hands into soil.

March is a little bit of a pick-me-up because of my anniversary with Chuck, and because I know that in just a month I’ll be able to start growing things again… and then there’s April, which seems to get colder and colder with each passing year. Maybe that’s just me though.

Because this is the first year that it’s legal to engage in recreational cannabis use in NJ, I’ll be growing my first marijuana plants! We splurged and spent like $200.00 on gardening books on the subject. If you’d like to follow their journey I have a TikTok and IG for their progress! I’ll be covering my book purchases, my soil preparation, updates on their growth, and more! Hope to see you there. If you have a gardening profile you’d like me to check out comment below and I’ll be sure to follow back!

Much Love,


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