*a change in plans


So yesterday I enrolled in college almost accidentally, but certainly impulsively!

I’m going to go back to get a science degree in Botany/Horticulture. This is a big shift from my previous physics focus; I’m going to have to take a surprising amount of new courses because of that. But I think I’m good for it. I think my problem with my initial college focus was three things:

₁. I wasn’t happy about the actual practice of the jobs. I am an active person who likes to move around and to change focus. I think working in environments that shift with the seasons will serve my desires.

₂. As a single mother the demand and focus on time away from home simply was unacceptable.

₃. Minimizing debt. I have a stunning amount of education on a very small tab and I intend on keeping it that way. I’m well below the average debt margin for a person my age in America of equal education. While I might have to take on some extra debt I plan on paying courses outright this time around. 

I have some real life longevity goals, but first I need to have the credentials to achieve them. So this is my first step. With luck and patience I’ll have my new Associates degree lined up in 2 years, because I plan on taking one-two classes at a time for the more challenging requirements. Because I already spent 3 years at a university I will likely have a good amount of credits accounted for. Basic mathematics, humanities, arts, and language requirements should all be accounted for leaving me the ability to focus on my actual desired course load.

If I decide to take on a full course load I could potentially have the degree in less than a year. But I don’t think it would be wise. I’m not in a rush. I want to have high scores and be able to do this at my leisure. My daughter is still home, and young enough to need me frequently. I also will need to be in school for some of my more focused classes working with the plants or in a lab, so I can’t set myself up for failure by devoting all of my time to school when I know that I will have obligations at home to compete for time with. 

On a darker note I had a miscarriage yesterday and no it’s not my first. While I’m not trying to get pregnant by any means, I have to admit that it was a strange and sad way to wrap up what was turning out to be a very optimistic day. I’ll keep my head up, of course. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d gone back to school only to find out that I was expecting again.

I went a long time in my life without ever getting pregnant, and not for being careful. I don’t know why now all of a sudden I keep being thrust into the hormonal whirlwind of it. Sometimes it really feels as if the whole world paused while I figured myself out and now that I’ve become more comfortable in my skin it’s fast forwarding, everything is all happening at once.

Ultimately an unexpected pregnancy was what stopped my training for the military in 2019. Granted it was the first in a succession of unfortunate events not the least of which being COVID and losing my beloved job. 2021 is looking to be just as wild and unpredictable as it’s preceding year, which was just as trying as the year before that in my life. It was 2 weeks after my wedding that I found out and frankly my body hasn’t been the same since.

Every year people make resolutions, but I like to meditate on a word. In 2019 my word was Discipline. In 2020, I was so broken up about the death of my mother that I didn’t pick a word. And in 2021 my word was Remain. I think I picked that for 2021 because 2020 was the first time in my life that I actually wasn’t on the run from or to something. I had a creative renaissance in my late 20’s and 2020 allowed me to live in it, without having to play strange geometric scheduling puzzle games with my time.

I came out of 2020 knowing that I am ready to start making decisions. Not because I had to (because I don’t have to change a thing), but because I know myself well enough to start cementing my foundation. Perhaps many people will think I’m too old for that. But my time was never my own until now, and so I unapologetically have gotten to know myself better. I didn’t live for a boss. I got off of the internet for a year and didn’t chase ‘likes’, ‘comments’, or popularity. I started my own website, I drafted my own books, I started my first novel, and created freely.

Now I’m going to try and make a new dream come true. I hope with this education to do many things. But most of all, I hope to find balance, wonder, and to make the world a better greener place.

 ♥ -Paige


  1. We’re never too old to learn and grow and change things up. Kudos to you for recognising that and I wish you well for your studies to come. Starting a new course is always exciting. Pushing through to the end is the hard part, but it sounds like you’ve got a great eye for balance. Enjoy it all!

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      1. I understand that! It’s hard to follow through on projects, I believe it’s why I have a slew of unfinished/unpublished drafts behind me. A combination of self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of tangible rewards. I’m inspired by your direction change however! Looking forward to discovering what you learn and share. The main character in my WIP was a horticulturalist before my most recent round of drafting/outlining, but I don’t want her to lose it completely so your stories to come might inspire some plant-related traits in her.

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  2. As a student in high school, getting to do more of physics is something I aspire and to find out that you’ve been in love with it too makes me feel so much more uncomfortable for some reason. A very good luck for your new endeavor.
    I understand your unhappiness with the job cult and yes, there’s so much more to the world that sitting and doing one thing forever doesn’t seem fine. Of all what I read here, I just want to say, I’m proud of your resilience. Your point of meditating on a word is inspiring and made me think of how fast paced things have become relative to that. You ought to live like the way you wanted to. thank you for being this vulnerable. I look upto you as a woman and an artist and many more.
    P.S.- I am in love with the way you have structured this website.

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    1. I think you should go into physics if that’s your desire because the field is growing exponentially. Don’t neglect your fitness, as rigorous fitness will be a part of your requirements if you wish to go INTO space.

      I highly recommend meditating on a word every year, or whenever. I also make it a point to check in with myself every birthday and to reflect on my whole life.

      You’re young, but that resilience is born in you too. If you can find a way to be appreciative of what you have, and brave enough to cut the things that hurt you, or hold you back, or simply give you nothing in return: then you will succeed. Sow that in fields of discipline and you will master the art of any war.

      Good luck to you! I look forward to seeing where you take your goals!


  3. Best wishes on you new path forward. I am sorry for your loss in general and in such an abrupt manner. Take care of you first, which it sounds like you are doing in spite of life throwing stuff at you.

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    1. Keith, I will promise you to take care. I am learning the value of care more and more deeply as I get older. Trying to not be in such a rush. I appreciate the kind comment and the good favor. I hope you’re well, too.


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