*two times three

Avatar the Last Airbender 2005-2008

Since mankind’s dawn, man has

gotten many things wrong.

Maybe there was an Adam,

and from his rib an Eve.

Perhaps the serpent

bestowed a gift,

the morning knowledge

was conceived.

Cast from the garden,

the two faithfully grew.

When Eve grew cold,

Adam grew brave,

slaying beasts to give Eve


When they grew old

Adam grew ill, they

both laid still; and

died in one another’s


Many, since times considered

ancient by most, believe

their love story to be

the greatest ever told.

But, I love the one

we’re in the most.

It goes back quite

an extraordinary distance…

(Four Hundred Ten Years ago, to be exact)

When Galileo Galilei

polished the first telescope…

On a (crystal) starry evening,

from pin pricks within

casting of vanta black,

stars wobbled

into shapes.

Jupiter dances with dots

of doting moons about

his waist. And rings cuff

Saturn as perfectly as

our wedding bands

complete our wedded


Oh! And (of course)

as we both already knew,

at the center of the

universe, Galileo found


You inspire greatness!

I hope you understand this.

Michelangelo crafted colors

inspired by (just) the gleam

in your eyes. Magellan circled

the globe uncharted,

guided by the lateral lines

of your smile.

Albert Einstein’s brilliance

knew no boundaries!

He alone unlocked countless

mysteries. With accuracy he

hypothesized that magnetism

married electricity. Scholars

(of course) lacked his vision,

however. They all believed

Einstein spoke purely scientifically…

But we know better, don’t we?

Einstein prophesized our matrimony.

Strung by silver threads,

stitched into the flowing quilt of time.

(I know) All become one at

your desire. (And I know)

The entire dimensional world

will collapse, the eve you expire.

As you alone command every star to die;

demand they collapse into fiery fractals,

facing blazing extinction, eons away

(and so so long ago)…

So we may dance tonight beneath their    light. -six pm


  1. the fonts and colour transitions are like the catalyst here, making us realise its beauty faster. but only complementing that would be unjustified. this is beautiful. especially when we think of religion and science, they stand apart most times but that’s what one could do through poetry. not care about regulations but care about creation. it is beautiful. thank you for writing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Drizzle, that is a truly beautiful copliment and I want you to know that of years of sharing this piece I think you’re the first person to read it so closely. I look forward to returning the kindness to you, and getting to know your work better in the fututre.

      Really Drizzle, thank you so much for leaving such thoughtful feedback on my little space here. For recognizing the formatting *and the words. I pour my heart into both to the fullest of my ability.

      Liked by 2 people

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