Last night I had a dream I was sitting at a potter’s wheel. Each time, when I would drift with the feeling into thoughts my pot would crack and it repeated again and again. I think it meant that attention is our strength—where you direct it is where you’ll grow and flourish.


Yesterday we had friends over and we shared food, drinks, and smoke. Some of us played DnD and some of us were painting. All of us were in a state of communion, the weather was on our side and the night was perpetually young.

We ended the day with Scrabble. Everyone decided that they’d be best suited to face me in teams. I was not allowed to use a dictionary and they all got bonus points. I still won. 🙂

Paige Six | 2021


  1. My wife and I will play Scrabble, and occasionally she’ll smile at me and ask, “OK if I check on a word?” I always comply. Sometimes we both laugh aloud if whatever she looks up doesn’t exist– though it looks like it could be a word– even an alien one. Anyway, there’s never a penalty– and I let her try again with whatever pieces she has. Always a fun time.

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    1. Omg! Yes! This is my life too! I am so glad you shared this with me, your wife sounds like a total babe. I am definitely a competitive person, but it’s also part of the fun if everyone has fun.


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