Wedding Photographs

3.10.2019 | Photographer: Gina Harkins

After nearly 2 years I finally received my entire collection of wedding photographs! Chuck and I are thrilled with how they came out, and since we had 3 photographers (all of them thoughtful gifts), we have a stunning variety to chose from to print for an album.

I’m a little bit outraged by the cost of a wedding album via Shutterfly, but I guess that’s just something the hubby and I are going to have to save up for if we want the top-of-the-line make and model. *Which we do!

I really wish I’d received these photos sooner, only because I never got a chance to show them to my mother. I did have a few candid and side profile shots, which I did send her, but our main portraits were never seen by her eyes. Which is particularly solemn for me as these photos are the only professional shots of her with all of her children.

The whole wedding we planned in 3 weeks, and we handmade everything we could including the cake. I’d never made a tiered cake before and neither had my husband, but it was a great team experience and we ultimately had a worthwhile time learning how to create and decorate the pastry. Our colors were cardinal, cream, and navy (that’s Wedding for red, white and blue) so we made a red velvet cake, covered in butter cream rosettes, and wrapped in a navy ribbon embellished with pearl pins to keep it in place.

In retrospect having been able to have my mother be present at my wedding was one of the last and most meaningful gifts the universe and all of serendipity could have given me while she was alive. So thank you serendipity. Had you asked me just a month before that day I’d have told you I was never getting married. I told my now husband as much just a month before, honestly! Life has a way of making me eat my own words. I’ve learned to appreciate the irony, I’m very bad at knowing what I want. I’ve wasted nearly every wish on every star or coin thrown into a wishing well.

If you’d like to know what I wish now; wish I’d slowed down more and gotten more photographs with my mother, with my daughter, and with my whole family (new and old). Aside from not doing my own hair that day, it’s my only regret. If you want my advice make sure you make the most of those photographs. Well, that and don’t let anyone rush you if you’re late to go down the aisle but your hair isn’t perfect!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the big day:

Paige Six | 12.14.2020

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